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View TIFF file content. TIFF is a popular format for graphics.

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The full name of TIFF is Tag Image File Format. It is a flexible picture format. Mainly store photos, landscapes, artistic portraits, indoor scenery, etc. TIFF is also a compressed picture. Generally store large pictures. And it is widely used in publishing and printing industries. TIFF contains layers, channels, colors, etc. TIFF is a relatively complicated picture format. It is a format independent of the operating system. Can be cross-platform. It was originally used on a scanner. The TIFF file is composed of three parts: file information header, marking area, and image data area. TIFF is also a portable file format.
TIFF can be viewed with Photoshop software. There are also some third-party software to view. You need to install the software on your computer. This tool is an online, free installation WEB tool. You can open the URL directly in the browser, and then load your TIFF file, you can view the contents of TIFF. This tool can easily view TIFF files, and it is free. You can also save the TIFF file as JPG format and then view it.

The cloud viewer can be integrated into your project or website. This service provides an API that can be called simply by passing in the URL of the document to view the file content online without writing any code.

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Parameters Description Examples Other
fileurl File URL http://www.xxx.com/sample.psd Required
filetype File format, optional, viewer will automatically choose the correct format. psd Optional
quality Resolution, default is low resolution. high-resolution Optional

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