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The full name of EPUB is Electronic Publishing. It is the latest popular format of e-books. It can be used in the publishing, editing, production and distribution of e-books. The stored contents are: pictures, text, sounds, charts, etc. EPUB is a ZIP compression format. It can be read by many e-book devices. But Kindle does not support opening EPUB format, the format that Kindle can read is MOBI. If your system is Windows, you can install some readers to open the EPUB format, such as Sigil. There are also browser plug-ins that can open EPUB format. If you want Kindle to read EPUB eBooks, you need to convert it to MOBI format or AZW3 format. The EPUB format is open source and open. Its interior consists of HTML files and pictures. The better thing about EPUB than PDF is that EPUB can read on screens of various sizes and maintain good results. PDF does not work, the PDF reading experience is very bad on small screen devices. PDF cannot adapt to the screen size. EPUB can re-type content on a small screen, making reading more comfortable and smooth. EPUB can also store sound and video. But it is rarely used in actual use. EPUB can also provide annotations, bookmarks, but this requires software support.
There are also some software that can read EPUB e-books, such as: Adobe Digital Edition, Calibre. These softwares need to be downloaded and installed. This tool can read EPUB e-books online. The advantage is that no other software needs to be installed. Steps to use this tool: 1. Open a browser and open this site. 2. Select the EPUB file. 3. Click Open. 4. You can open multiple EPUB files. 5. You can find the content of the e-book. 6. You can adjust the font size. Sigil is a software for making EPUB e-books. You can make your favorite book into EPUB format, which can be more easily shared with others.

The cloud viewer can be integrated into your project or website. This service provides an API that can be called simply by passing in the URL of the document to view the file content online without writing any code.

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