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View DJVU files. DJVU is used to store scanned documents.

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The DJVU format is similar to the PDF format and mainly stores scanned images. This picture format can compress the image. DJVU was developed by AT&T Laboratories in 1996 and can be used as a PDF replacement. But the facts show that DJVU is not very popular. The reason may be that PDF is too easy to use. DJVU hopes to turn paper books into digital pictures so that books from libraries around the world can be moved to the Internet. DJVU has a very high compression ratio. A 50M magazine picture can be compressed to 5M.
If you want to view the contents of the DJVU file, you can install some free software. Adobe Acrobat can also check DJVU files. You can also convert DJVU to PDF format. DJVU has advantages over PDF in many aspects, such as smaller size and quick display. In high-resolution pictures, DJVU is more suitable. Such as technical manuals, works of art, maps, financial documents, scanned mail, books, magazines, manuscripts, scanned newspapers, etc.

The cloud viewer can be integrated into your project or website. This service provides an API that can be called simply by passing in the URL of the document to view the file content online without writing any code.

API Use:

Parameters Description Examples Other
fileurl File URL Required
filetype File format, optional, viewer will automatically choose the correct format. psd Optional
quality Resolution, default is low resolution. high-resolution Optional

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