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View DICOM file content. DICOM is the standard file format for medical images. It normally requires professional software to open.

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DICOM stands for Medical Digital Image and Communication. It is a standard picture format in the medical industry. Can store CT, MRI and other picture data. Generally only doctors will use it. Doctors usually use professional software to view DICOM files. These professional software are installed with medical equipment. DICOM is widely used in X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound and other diagnostic equipment. The DICOM standard also includes almost all information exchange protocols for medical digital image acquisition, archiving, communication, display, and query. A DICOM file may also contain multiple images.
Professional software is required to view DICOM files. Generally, this software is not installed on computers. If you are not a doctor, or you are a doctor but not in the office. You need to view a DICOM file. At this time you can use the tools of this site. It can open DICOM files online without installing software. You can also save DICOM files in JPG format. JPG format is more conducive to storage, dissemination and sharing. The DICOM format consists of two parts, one is the file header and the other is the image content. The image content is compressed and can be one or more images.

The cloud viewer can be integrated into your project or website. This service provides an API that can be called simply by passing in the URL of the document to view the file content online without writing any code.

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fileurl File URL http://www.xxx.com/sample.psd Required
filetype File format, optional, viewer will automatically choose the correct format. psd Optional
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